Intellectual Property

Through the Intellectual Property Department, the Firm has the capacity to offer its clients all professional services in the area, which basically include those pertaining to trademarks, patents and copyrights.

As to our services in the area of trademarks, the Department processes applications for registration of a trademark, beginning with the registrability analysis from the respective search of similar trademarks. Once a trademark has been applied for, or registered, all aspects in connection with the protection thereof are checked and monitored, including following-up on applications for similar trademarks filed by third parties, prevention of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and generally, any event which may threaten to infringe any industrial property rights conferred by the trademark. The Department also provides assistance in any transaction which may involve trademark rights; and for the registration of trademarks outside Venezuela, the service is provided through our various correspondents.

Services in the area of patents include analysis of registrability and novelty and filing of applications for patents of invention, industrial designs and utility models, counseling on industrial secrets, mandatory licenses and other aspects relating to the protection of the rights and interests of our clients in this area.

In what refers to copyrights, the Department is in a position to provide counsel to the clients of the Firm in the registration process or protection of any intellectual creation, which may range from a literary work to a software.

Finally, our Intellectual Property Department, working in collaboration with the Constitutional and Administrative Law and Litigation Departments represents and protects the rights of the clients in any litigation which may arise in connection with unfair competition, illegal practices, infringement of well-known trademarks, or any other infringement of intellectual property rights.