Our Litigation Department offers immediate response to the needs of our clients in connection with court and arbitration proceedings in civil, commercial, banking, labor, landlord and tenant, family, wills, divorce, separation and adoption matters, among others. It works in close collaboration with members of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department and the Tax Department in the administrative and tax judicial proceedings handled by said Departments.

We frequently counsel our clients on resolution of corporate disputes, representing them in account rendering proceedings, dissolution of companies and claims for irregularities, being also able to handle complex moratorium and bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, we rely on independent attorneys in various cities throughout Venezuela, who assist us in lawsuits which must be prosecuted before the courts of said cities.

The attorneys of this Department have extensive experience in the prosecution of lawsuits and other legal proceedings before the courts of the Republic, including the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. We also counsel our clients as to the best course to follow to reach out-of-court settlements, including resorting to various alternative methods of dispute resolution, being experienced in national and international arbitration.