Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Department basically offers counseling on criminal matters in the context of the course of business activities including the analysis of corporate situations and issue of opinions and evaluations of particular factual situations involving corporations and their shareholders, representatives, administrators and advisors, all within the framework of the so-called Economic Crime Law (White-Collar Crime Law). In this regard, we offer specialized counseling in connection with the following regulatory instruments: Law against Corruption, General Law on Banking and other Financial Institutions, Criminal Environmental Law, Organic Law on Prevention, Work Conditions and Work Environment, Organic Tax Code, Law against Foreign Exchange Crimes, Law against Organized Crime, Organic Telecommunications Law, Copyright Law, Capital Markets Law, among others.

From the litigation viewpoint, we offer our representation and assistance in criminal proceedings, whether ordinary or special. In the first case, our services extend to all stages, from the investigation stage, intermediary stage, trial stage, to conclude with the execution stage and the subsequent procedure of indemnification for and repair of damages, as well as the various appeal stages, including cassation. Our assistance and follow-up of case files include actions before the different criminal courts, public prosecutors and criminal investigation law enforcement agencies.