Constitutional and Administrative

The Constitutional and Administrative Law Department of the Firm provides counsel to our clients in their relations with the various Venezuelan government entities, at national, state and municipal levels. In connection with these services, we analyze the scope, interpretation and constitutionality of the laws and other regulatory acts; and generally, the constitutionality and legality of any decisions issued and action taken by public entities. We advise and represent our clients in the prosecution of administrative and judicial proceedings, including actions seeking constitutional protection from governmental acts. Our attorneys also give legal advice to victims of human rights violations, resorting, if necessary, to international human rights protection organizations.

In Venezuela, the commercial exploitation of activities relating to mining and hydrocarbons, as well as telecommunications, is subject to various legislative and governmental regulations. For this reason, our expertise in such areas lies primarily with our Constitutional and Administrative Law Department.

We assist our clients in the obtaining of permits, authorizations and licenses required to conduct their operations in Venezuela. We represent and counsel our clients in various matters relating to public credit, budgetary regime, administrative agreements, and customs, as well as city planning, zoning and expropriation, in respect of which we provide guidance to our clients as to the best manner to protect their property rights. Our Constitutional and Administrative Law Department actively participates in privatization, bidding and license awarding processes, including their preliminary and subsequent stages, assuring our client the best formula to perform or acquire the relevant services or assets, as the case may be, in strict analysis of the regulatory framework applicable to such processes.

Our services further encompass the analysis of the environmental impact likely to be caused by the projects of our clients, and we provide counseling on the different regulations existing on the matter, as well as on the manner to ensure environmental compliance. Our Department frequently handles problems involving free competition, consumer protection and unfair trade practices, representing our clients before the various authorities regulating such matters.