Civil and Corporate

The Civil and Corporate Law Department handles matters of a civil nature involving the rights of persons, family, wealth (real and personal property, obligations, estates), and also counsels our clients in the conduct of their business activities. Services in these areas comprise the preparation of all documentation necessary to conduct a business or professional activity (constituent documents, minutes, commercial books).

The Firm provides legal counsel in connection with the purchase and sale of assets or equities, including any due diligence relating thereto; advising also on all aspects relating to restructurings and mergers, as well as foreign investments. Generally, the Civil and Corporate Law Department actively participates in the negotiation and documentation of agreements of any nature, including works contracts and international commercial transactions.

Our long tradition as attorneys for Venezuelan and foreign banks has given us the knowledge and experience necessary to provide counseling and prepare documentation in connection with financing agreements, ranging from standard loans to more complex financing transactions, such as leasing and project financing, as well as the granting of securities of any kind.

Our services also include counseling on the public offering and private placement of shares, debentures, commercial papers, and other securities; and generally, the issue of papers backed by assets, securitizations and capital markets. We also provide legal assistance for matters relating to bankruptcy and moratorium proceedings, and creditor-debtor relations.

In addition, our services comprise legal counseling on the various aspects of the insurance and reinsurance business in Venezuela, including the preparation of policies and bonds and the processing of claims; as well as in matters relating to sea, river and land transportation of passengers and goods. The Firm also has ample experience in the preparation of agreements and documents necessary for the development of real estate projects.

Our Constitutional and Administrative Law Department complements our counseling capabilities in the areas of banking, insurance, real estate and capital markets, inasmuch as such activities are subject to the control of and regulation by public entities.